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Amit, Rohit and Deepikaa founded Vigada. One day they were talking about health & daily lifestyle. Deepikaa started talking about her father who uses herbs & spices in a daily routine keeping him healthy. Ayurveda starts in your own kitchen “Your own house’. Deepikaa says “seeing my father every day starting his day from basic Ayurvedic home remedies is taking care of his health”. Also as his duty he teaches us to eat natural food and guides us as to how important immunity is. Deepikaa started following his advice in her daily routine. It made her active and healthy.

Considering today’s lifestyle and busy schedule the benefits of Ayurveda help our families achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Meanwhile, Amit started building his blocks & which he usually says “dream big, start small & connect the dots’ ‘ will lead you to success. Then suddenly out of excitement, he said, “Guys! Let’s start our own venture!” he said let’s “Involve experts & utilize Ayurveda knowledge and promote a healthy lifestyle with a preventive approach”

Vi-gad – free from disease, “Wellness for a better life”


Vigadacare Pvt Ltd have been getting their barcodes from us since 2020.


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