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Products using our barcodes

Our EAN-13 barcodes are standard retail barcodes that suitable for use on any retail product. Our customers are using their barcodes on the following products:


Food & Drink Products – canned and bottled food range by Vishaal Natural Food Products, sugar such as Sakthi Sugars, bottled water, rice by Haryana-based G.V. (God Vishnu) Rice Unit, drinks, speciality foods, teas, spices, sauces, Loyal Popcorn, Mumbai-based chocolate shop Velvet Fine Chocolates and coffee roasters The Indian Bean.

Gift-ware – greeting cards, souvenirs, photographs & artwork, coupons & vouchers, books & magazines

CDs & DVDs – Music CDs, Language CDs

Other Products – software, Pure-Earth beauty products, Ahmedabad-based Junior’s Club, mobile phones such as Obi, master polishers Pai Cristal, Gujarat-based speciality housekeeping and cleaning products K-Star Industries, medical equipment and supplies by Magma Care, beauty products by Speaking Herbs.

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Fine Velvet Chocolates Pai Crystal paint Speaking Herbs oil




Loyal Popcorn 1 Pureearth turmeric1 GV rice unit The Indian Bean coffee


Some CDs & DVDs that are using our barcodes:

Examples of CDs that are using our barcodes

Some Magazines we have created ISSN barcodes for:

Examples of Magazines using our Barcodes


Some Books that we have created ISBN barcodes for:

Examples of Books that we have created ISBN barcode images for


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