Barcode Reseller

Barcode resellers purchase barcode in bulk and then onsell these for clients on an individual basis. These numbers are outside of GS1’s control, hence they can be bought and sold rather than licensed. This means that there are no fees of any kind attached to them, which overall makes them much cheaper than other barcode numbers.

Not all barcode resellers are legitimate

Be careful when purchasing from a barcode reseller however, because, while the majority sell barcodes that they are legally entitled to sell, some companies attempt to make a quick money by selling barcodes that they are not entitled to sell. This is illegal and means you cannot use the barcodes the sell. While the upfront cost of getting barcodes from places like these may be cheaper, it often turns out to be much more expensive when you have to reprint your product packaging with a legal barcode.

Legitimate reseller barcodes can be purchase here. We have 8 years experience in the industry, and can prove that our numbers are legitimate.