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Sample Barcode Images

After we receive an order, we email the barcode to our customer in several different formats.

If your purchase is automated, you will be sent the barcode images in a zip folder along with the guarantee certificate. An example zip folder containing our barcodes can be seen and downloaded below. If you have difficulties using these, please let us know, and we can organise other images to be sent to you.

Standard Retail Barcode (EAN)

EAN barcode image (retail barcode)


Book Barcode (ISBN):

Book Barcode using an ISBN number

An EAN barcode based on your ISBN.


Barcode for Magazine (ISSN):

ISSN sample EAN barcode for magazine

An EAN barcode based on your ISSN number


Carton Code (TUN/ITF-14/GTIN):

ITF-14 carton code


QR Code (2D Matrix Barcode):

QR Code Standard