Vexcel Upkram logo Based in Jharkhand, Vexcel Upkram PVT LTD are an integrated agro processing hub. 

Food products use EAN-13 barcodes.



We offer an array of Spices & Vegetables in their Dehydrated Form. Processed in dryers that dehydrate at low temperatures, our products retain their fresh aroma, flavor and volatile oils . Further, on immersion in water , our product regains it’s original fresh form .


We process dehydrated products in a state-of-the-art powder making & packaging line, which reduces human intervention and provides a clean, dry & pure product.


The Integrated concentrate extraction line is designed to process a wide variety of pulpy fruits & spices. The concentrate not only holds minimal water content but is also flowy unlike conventionally manufactured concentrates.


The pulp and paste extraction line is a single point entry and exit setup. It is designed to process an array of pulpy fruits & spices. The paste manufactured is cooked and filtered at various stages to offer a Top-of-the-Line quality product

Natural Color

Colors manufactured by us are truly natural. They come from widely grown varieties of flowers. Their extraction is free of any chemicals or artificial medium.

Essential Oil

The essential oil line is designed to extract oils from any and every aromatic plant & spices. By the process of steam distillation we get a highly aromatic. The best in class quality product.