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At Touch Nature, we provide victims of human trafficking in Kolkata with the opportunity to leave the sex trade with confidence and engage in dignified labour.A social enterprise that specializes in crafting and producing a diverse range of aromatherapeutic products that emphasize natural goodness and the absence of harmful ingredients. We seek to help to bring female victims out of Kolkata’s red light districts by giving them employment opportunities, skills training and a community of love and fellowship.

We train and equip our staff with the necessary skills to produce quality soap, body wash, aromatherapy products and candles of natural goodness that are beneficial to both your well being and the environment. Staff members also have the opportunity to receive training for managerial and administrative positions.

Our Indian web site is and international website is

We at Touch Nature family are very thankful for the barcodes. Thank you Barcode1 India for partnering with us in our journey of growth in our freedom business.