Taret Foods

Manipur-based Taret Foods make a delicious range of products. Their naturally flavourful rice products have many health benefits. They are rich in antioxidants, a good source of fibre, useful for weight reduction, prevents risk of diabetes and many other benefits.

Approved and licensed by FSSAI ( Lic no. 11618008000002)

These include;

Taret Chak-Hao – Manipur Black Rice – 500 gm

Taret Chak-Hao Goolaa ( Black Rice Gulab Jamun) – 500 gm


Taret Chak-Hao Bhujia (Black Rice Bhujia – 85 gm) – (5 Pack)

Chahao Bhujia is a mildly sweet snack taste best as it is or with tea, coffee or milk any time of the day to erase your hunger pangs. Unique  way of having Black Rice adding a new flavour which you might have never tasted before. This is a vegetarian Product Prepared from the finest grains of the aromatic black rice from the soil of Manipur.

Taret Chak-Hao Bhujia (Black Rice Bhujia 27 Gm)-(Pack Of 15)

   Taret Foods Black Rice   Taret Foods Black Rice Gulab Jamun Taret Foods Bhujia

Taret Foods have been getting their product barcodes from us since 2018.

Taret Foods Black Rice back packet