GENIONS is an experiential augmented-based learning program designed especially for three years+ children to support a strong early childhood learning process. Choose your topic from 300+ educational themes and our ever-growing list of 3D AR content, where the excitement and learning never end. Uncover the wonders of experiential AR learning, where subjects come alive to make your learning enjoyable and engaging like never before.

The present learning process is mostly a one-way flow of information which neither holds a child’s attention nor does it inspire a love for learning in their young minds. We at Genions believe that every child has limitless potential. It is all about unlocking the “Genion” in the child and fulfilling his/her potential. We are a diversified team who have been awarded and recognised in the field of technology, education, child psychology etc. All of us have put in our labour, passion and love in creating Genions.

Healthy screen-time        Kid-friendly        No Ads or In-app purchase        Experience it offline too!

Made in India with a love for learning.

Genions products use barcodes from us,

Genions senior level 2 kit  Genions Demo