Pune based, FoodComb Private Limited, offers premium quality Soymilk and Soya paneer (Tofu) in plain and exciting flavours manufactured by its sister concern, Mehta Foods by adopting superior methods of processing Soymilk & Soya paneer which is high protein and very nutritious.

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Why Soymilk & Tofu

  • Soymilk & Tofu offer higher nutritional values & are low in fat & cholestrol-free.
  • Soy products are naturally rich in minerals like iron, copper, manganese, magnesium, phosphorous & selenium etc.
  • Consumption of soymilk & tofu prevents diseases such as diabetics, hypertension, cancers, lowers the risks of heart attack & strokes that occur due to hypertension or arterial blockages.
  • Soymilk is very low in fat content compared to dairy milk. It is lactose, cholesterol free and high in dietary fiber.
  • Soymilk is high in protein content & essential amino acids & a perfect alternative to cowmilk but without the fat content.

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FoodComb Mission

Create physical and digital infrastructure of vegan foods.

Making people healthier by improvising the food culture by way of promoting cruelty-free plant based foods & beverages.

Practise & promote compassion and empathy.

FoodComb Vision

Making people healthier.

Aiming to help at least 1 Million people improve food culture by end of 2021.