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Barcode Verification

Verification is an official test scan of a barcode, after it has been printed onto the label (or product packaging). Some retailers require barcode verification for all products entering their stores. Verification is not usually required by retailers in India (it is more commonly required by retailers in the USA, Australia & New Zealand).

A Barcode Verifier

If you need verification for your barcode, please order it below & then post a sample of your barcode to us (on its label or packaging). Our delivery address is on our Contact Page. Our verification tests are done to internationally recognized standards using the highest quality verification technology. After your barcode has been verified, we will email the verification report to you (a ‘Pass’ grade is A, B, C, or D, and a ‘Fail’ grade is E or F). Verification usually takes 3 days (after we receive your barcode).

IMPORTANT: Before printing your barcode onto the labels (or product packaging), please click on the following two links and read them (to ensure that your barcode will pass verification):

1. The official barcode standards
2. How to pass barcode verification

  • Verification Report

    Verification report for your completed artwork or finally printed packaging.

    Price:   $ 59 USD (4350 INR)