UPC Barcode Packages

You can order UPC Barcode packages on this page.

UPC barcodes should be purchased if you are predominantly selling your product in the United States or Canada. While EAN-13 barcodes are theoretically acceptable in the USA and Canada as well, retailers are more used to seeing UPC Barcodes, hence they are the better option. Like EAN-13 barcodes, these are used on all products except for books and magazines. The differences between UPC and EAN Barcodes can be seen here.

(If you want an EAN barcode, follow this link to the EAN-13 Barcode page).

If you buy a UPC Barcode package you will receive:

1. A globally unique UPC-A barcode number

2. Barcode images in 4 different formats (Jpeg, png, svg & pdf)

3. A Guarantee Certificate – Guaranteeing you as the only legal owner of the barcode

4. Barcode registration*


  • UPC Retail Barcode Packages

    INSTANT DELIVERY BY EMAIL – The email will contain your barcode numbers, the images as attached files (in 4 different formats), instructions for barcode registration, and a guarantee certificate stating that you are the sole legal owner of your barcode numbers.

    This product includes free barcode registration on International Barcodes Database (the normal registration cost is $20 USD per barcode).


    QuantityPrice per Barcode
    1$ 39 (2900 INR)
    2$ 36 each (2650 INR)
    3-4$ 33 each (2400 INR)
    5 +$ 30 each (2200 INR)
    10 +$ 26 each (1900 INR)
    15 +$ 23 each (1700 INR)
    20 +$ 20 each (1500 INR)
    30 +$ 15 each (1100 INR)
    40 +$ 13 each (1000 INR)
    50 +$ 11 each (80050 INR)
    100 +$ 9 each (700 INR) NOW ONLY $6 each (400 INR)
    150 +Please contact us.


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*This is an additional service we offer to increase the internet profile of your product, and ensure that it appears on some cellphone app scanners such as the Zebra app when scanned. More information can be seen here.

Please see our Barcode specifications page, and how to use your barcode. Contact us if you have any issues with this.