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If you have a great product and you want to maximise sales potential, you’ll probably need a barcode. You’ll also want a code that is acceptable both locally and worldwide and naturally you’ll want a good price too – so you only want a top quality barcode seller!

We have a team of barcode experts with several years’ international experience. We can help you with your bar code requirements because we advise clients on the rules pertaining to barcodes in India and more than 70 different countries worldwide.

Obtaining codes can be complicated and expensive, but not if you use our service. Contact us if you would like us to make the process easy and affordable for you.

Barcodes India numbers are:

Instant Delivery!

Our new automated system delivers retail barcodes to you by email within seconds. Order online and you will receive your retail barcode number, CD barcode, DVD barcode or GLN (Global Location Number) by email within seconds. Other orders are processed manually, usually within 1 to 12 hours. We can work on your order over the weekend if your case is urgent. Email us if you need service ASAP.

Within your budget

For a single barcode package, we charge 39 USD, and this price includes registration, a guarantee certificate and images. If you require more than one bar code, the price is lower. For example, 29 USD each for 10 numbers. Online payment options include PayPal and credit card. However, if you prefer to use a direct bank deposit in Rupees or payment by Western Union, we can accommodate you; please send us an email.

When purchasing from us, you can be assured that the cost is “one-off”. In other words, you do not pay for renewal or organisation membership. You shall have no recurring fees pertaining to your barcode.

Free Barcode Registration!

We are the ONLY barcode seller to offer free barcode registration with our barcode packages. We now provide free barcode registration with all barcode numbers purchased from us. This ensures that your company, product and barcode number are linked together.

Internationally acceptable

We offer two types of barcode number, EAN and UPC. Both of these formats are usable and acceptable on retail items globally. Our clients have had commercial success with our codes in India, Asia, America, Great Britain, Europe, Africa, the Emirates, Australia and New Zealand.

Either EAN or UPC format (the choice is yours)

Bar code scanners can usually read both formats, although the EAN is more popular. Some customers prefer the 12-digit UPC barcodes, especially if they are selling within the USA. Others choose the 13-digit EAN barcodes which are usually more useful worldwide. If a UPC style barcode is what you want, please inform us by email when making your order.

Verifiable Barcodes

Retailers often ask for a verification of the barcodes for all the merchandise on their shelves. Verification involves test-scanning the printed code, to ensure that it is “readable” in the scanners used in shops. You can buy this verification report from us too. An independent accredited company provides them and no barcode vendor other than us offers such a service.

Authenticated and issued with a guarantee

Barcodes India numbers are legal. Each one is unique and authentic because they are all of GS1 origin. For your peace of mind, our barcodes are issued with a certificate guaranteeing your ownership.

Yours permanently

The number you purchase from Barcodes India is yours for life. No other individual, organisation or company is legally permitted to use your unique number.

* Some retail chains around the world require barcode verification reports. These are test-scans of your printed barcode to ensure that it scans well. We are the only barcode reseller worldwide (that we know of) that is able to obtain official independently accredited verification reports for your barcodes. Therefore, our barcodes are accepted by more retail stores worldwide than any other barcode reseller.

What our Customers in India say

“This is awesome site. We required barcode for listing our products on online retail store like amazon, snapdeal etc. The purchase to bar code receive process is instant. I will definitely recommend it to others.” Samir

“Hello David. Thanks again for the barcode. We’ll get back to you if more are needed, and I will definitely recommend your services to all my friends..” Jayesh

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