Avoid GS1’s Annual Fees

Are you paying annual fees to GS1?  You don’t have to – we offer a proven, legal and legitimate alternative – get your barcodes from us and we should be able to save you money and make life easier for you.

We regularly have conversations like this one with Ed recently –
“I’ve been a member of GS1 for a 15 years. I just got the annual bill from them and was horrified – another huge amount of money out of my pocket into theirs – and for what? I’ve just realised that I’ve paid over 10 grand to GS1 in fees to them. How can I get out of their system?  What can you offer me?”

These are sad phone calls to receive, as they are generally from businesses that can’t afford to waste any money. We’re happy when we can help them (we saved Ed a lot of money straight away).

Contact us and tell us your situation, and we will do our best to help you save money on barcodes.  We’re here to help – we don’t charge joining fees or annual fees, and we don’t get our lawyers or debt collectors to chase you.


“Fantastic David, You have made our day!” Andre M

“Thanks David, a very prompt service , thanks for all the quick replys to questions.” Jason H

“I cannot believe how quickly you did this. As someone who had absolutely no idea how to get a bar code I found your website very clear and helpful and the speed of service spectacular. I will definitely be in touch next time I need one.” Ali B