EAN-13 Barcode Packages

EAN-13 Barcode packages for retail products can be purchased on this page.

These EAN-13 Barcodes are ideal for all retail products except for books and magazines (which use ISBN and ISSN barcodes respectively), and are used all around the world, except for in the USA and Canada where UPC barcodes are more common. Check out the differences between UPC and EAN barcodes.

If you buy a barcode package from us below, you will receive:
1. A unique EAN-13 barcode number;
2. Barcode images (in 4 different formats: jpeg, png, svg & pdf); and
3. A guarantee certificate
4. Barcode Registration

  • EAN13 Barcode
    EAN13 Barcode

    EAN-13 Retail Barcode Packages

    Instant delivery – You will receive a unique EAN-13 retail barcode number, barcode images (in 4 formats) barcode registration instructions, and a Guarantee Certificate (stating that you are the sole legal owner of your barcode numbers) by email within seconds.

    This product includes free barcode registration on the International Barcodes Database (the normal registration cost is $20 USD per barcode)

    QuantityPrice per Barcode
    1$ 39 (2900 INR)
    2$ 36 each (2650 INR)
    3-4$ 33 each (2400 INR)
    5 +$ 30 each (2200 INR)
    10 +$ 26 each (1900 INR)
    15 +$ 23 each (1700 INR)
    20 +$ 20 each (1500 INR)
    30 +$ 15 each (1100 INR)
    40 +$ 13 each (1000 INR)
    50 +$ 11 each (800 INR)
    100 +$ 9 each (700 INR) NOW ONLY $6 each (400 INR)
    150 +Please contact us.
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Using your barcode:

Once an order is placed, we email you through your barcodes with the images as attached files. You can then incorporate one of the image formats into your product packaging. This needs to be in an easily visible flat location. You can change the size of the barcode at this stage if you want, however, be careful not to reduce the size to less than 30X20mm if this can possibly be avoided. See the barcode dimensions for more information on acceptable barcode dimensions. Once you have printed your product with the barcode on it, you can begin sending it to retailers. When they receive the product for the first time, they will scan it into their system. Hence we don’t require any product information from you to assign the barcodes.

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