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Barcodes for Retail Products for use in India & internationally.

These EAN13 Barcodes are used on most retail products in India and worldwide except
Books – follow this link for barcodes for books
Magazines – follow this link for barcodes for magazines
USA – if your MAIN market is the USA, follow this link and buy UPC retail barcodes

For ALL other retail products, purchase an EAN13 retail barcode package below.

Purchase online using the link below and the EAN13 barcode package will be sent to you automatically by email within a few minutes.
The email will contain:
1. A unique EAN13 retail barcode number;
2. Barcode images (in 4 different graphic formats: jpeg, png, svg & pdf); and
3. A guarantee certificate
4. Barcode Registration instructions.

– You need a different barcode number for each unique product (including size & colour combinations)
– Our barcodes can be scanned by all retailers worldwide – however a few retailers (mainly very large chains in NZ, Australia & USA) have specific restrictions/requirements.

  • EAN13 Barcode
    EAN13 Barcode

    EAN-13 Retail Barcode Packages

    Instant delivery – You will receive a unique EAN-13 retail barcode number, barcode images (in 4 formats) barcode registration instructions, and a Guarantee Certificate (stating that you are the sole legal owner of your barcode numbers) by email within seconds.

    This product includes free barcode registration on the International Barcodes Database (the normal registration cost is $20 USD per barcode)

    QuantityPrice per Barcode
    1$ 39 (2470 INR)
    2$ 36 each (2280 INR)
    3-4$ 33 each (2090 INR)
    5 +$ 30 each (1900 INR)
    10 +$ 26 each (1650 INR)
    15 +$ 25 each (1585 INR)
    20 +$ 24 each (1520 INR)
    30 +$ 22 each (1395 INR)
    40 +$ 20 each (1270 INR)
    50 +$ 18 each (1140 INR)
    75 +$ 15 each (950 INR)
    100 +$ 12 each (760 INR) NOW ONLY $9.90 each (627 INR)
    150 +Please contact us.

Using your barcode:

Once you receive your barcode with the images as attached files, you can then simply choose whichever file format you like best and include it in your product packaging. This way, when your product goes to print, the barcode will be ready for use. Note – if you are changing the size at this stage you should not reduce the overall size to below 30X20mm if it can be avoided. See our barcode specifications page for more details.

No product information is required from you. You can simply assign the barcodes to your products however you want. Retailers will receive your product and scan the barcode and information into their system the first time, so that when it is scanned from that point onwards, the product information will appear.