Barcode Numbers


If you need barcode numbers only (without the barcode images*), please order them below. We will send your barcode numbers to you via email.

  • EAN-13 Barcode Numbers

    EAN-13 barcode numbers (without the barcode images); PDF guarantee certificate included (can be used as proof of your barcode ownership); and registration on the International Barcodes Database.

    Note: If you require your barcode numbers in UPC-A format instead, that is fine – just request this in the “additional information” section when checking out.

    QuantityPrice per Barcode Number
    1 +$ 30 (2200 INR)
    2 +$ 29 each (2100 INR)
    3 +$ 28 each (2000 INR)
    4 +$ 27 each (1950 INR)
    5 +$ 26 each (1900 INR)
    10 +$ 23.50 each (1750 INR)
    20 +$ 18 each (1300 INR)
    50 +$ 12 each (900 INR)
    100 +$ 9 each (700 INR)
    150 +please contact us
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* Barcode images = the actual barcode picture that gets scanned at the checkout (vertical black bars and spaces with the barcode number printed underneath). If you do require these, you can purchase barcode packages (incl the images and a guarantee certificate) here.

Note: If you find out later that you need the barcode images as well, that’s fine – you can come back to us & order the barcode images when you need them (you can order the barcode images here). We will email the barcode images to you in 4 different formats (jpeg, pdf, tiff, bmp & eps), and you can then incorporate the barcode image into the design for your label or packaging.


“Dear David, Just a quick line to say thank you for your amazing service. I was staggered at the cost charged for a solitary barcode by CGI compared to your low prices. Anyway suffice to say that we received your barcode in double quick time, uploaded our product detail, and as of about 30 minutes ago we have received our very first order through Amazon. Please feel free to pass our details on to anybody who wants a testimony of your great service.” Dave Pegg

“Many thanks for your super service in sorting the barcodes so swiftly.” Sophie R