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Barcodes in India

This page has information on barcodes in India

India Barcode Numbers

The vast majority of products in India use EAN-13 barcodes. These are standard international retail barcodes for use on all products (except for books and magazines). You could also consider using UPC-A format barcodes, however these are far more common in the US and Canada, so should really only be used if you are mainly selling your product in North America. Please see our barcode format page for the differences.


India Barcode Requirements

To our knowledge there are very few restrictions on barcodes in India. There are some restrictions internationally. These can be seen here.


Indian Businesses using our barcodes

Below you can see some of the Indian businesses that use our barcodes. Note – there are many more not listed, this is only a selection:

Riniva Marketing

ABSSY Business and Management Cons. Ltd

Genova Biotechniques Pvt. Ltd.


Globalistan Films Pvt. Ltd.

Akshara Drug House Private Limited

Eagle Wines

Srjan Exom Pvt Ltd


GrassrootAgro Farms Pvt. Ltd.

Deccan Coffee House

Bornfree fashions Pvt. Ltd

Setiya’s Agro Foods

Upkar Stationery Pvt.Ltd

Southern Beekeeping Associates

Shraddha Energy And Infraprojects

Balaji Oil Corporation

Holistic Pet Foods pty ltd

Apparel Resources


Positive Beverages Private Limited